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Falling Through the Cracks

The Truth about Development

Players enjoy learning. It's also a great way to keep players engaged in the learning process.
It's important for Coaches to understand their players needs and the Development Process.

Below is a representation of what happens to players as they are pushed through a soccer system that doesn't value Skill Development at the early ages... 

The all too familiar Development versus Winning conversation.

Is it crucial for a 10 year old soccer player to win a soccer match?

Unfortunately, there is too much emphasis on winning soccer matches at the youngest ages.
Truth be told, players don't even realize what the score is most of the time.

When players are forced to win games at the youngest ages but not encouraged to use skill and intelligence, they are missing out on a MASSIVE amount of learning lessions during their Golden Years.

Coerver Coaching values winning BUT not more than personal performance.

That means that players who focus on the right skills, making good decisions, and tries to play the game in an intelligent manner will be able to enjoy the game much more than players on teams who care solely about winning.

Ages 6-14 are critical ages when players are willing to experiment and try new things.
These are the years when players must practice the right habits!

Or else they will inevitiably fall through the cracks, lack motivation, and simply not enjoy their soccer.

Soccer is a player-centric game that should be fun to practice and play with passion and enthusiasm!