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Coerver® Coaching System of Player Development

When Coerver® Coaching launched its new 3 part DVD series and book entitled "A new Era" it did more than just extend its product range. These new products contained the blueprint for Coerver Coaching going into the new Millennium.

The new curriculum represented by the Pyramid of Player Development, as shown above, consisted of 6 building blocks.

Each block has dozens of games and training exercises for all ages and experience levels.  The exercises and games can be used by coaches who are planning training sessions as well as players practicing on their own.

Ball mastery is the foundation of every player's development and becomes essential to progress through the pyramid.  But don't think of this as a ladder, where one level must be completed before continuing to the next level.  Instead each step is integral to the others and the player improvement is achieved as their techniques improve at each level.

Coerver® Coaching is:

A soccer skills teaching method suited for all ages but especially for players aged 5-16 years old of all abilities and their parents, coaches and teachers

A Method that focuses on Individual skills development and small group play

Endorsed and recommended by the top federations, associations, legends/experts of the game, club teams and corporations including:

  • French Football Federation
  • Football Federation of Australia
  • Chinese Football Association
  • Japanese Football Association
  • Newcastle United FC
  • Arsenal FC
  • Global partner adidas®

Highlights since 1984:

  • 8 TV series in 8 languages
  • Videos, DVD’s and books in 12 languages
  • 1.5 million kids and coaches have attended Coerver® Coaching camps/clinics
  • Coerver® Coaching centers operating in 50 countries
  • adidas® partner for 30 years

The ultimate goal of the Coerver® Coaching Method is to:

  • Develop skilled, confident and creative players
  • Make the game fun to practice and play
  • Teach good sportsmanship and respect for all
  • Value winning but not more than character and performance
  • Provide a safe & educational experience that meets best practice criteria

Do you wonder whether your players are happy when practice is over?

By joining a program, players and coaches will benefit and learn from the following:

Coerver Pyramid of Moves ©2004

The Moves Pyramid classifies the moves into easy to understand, step by step ways to help players learn the essential skills.

Coerver Pyramid of Player Development © 1997

The Pyramid of Player Development breaks down the game into 6 parts with loads of games and exercises for all ages and abilities.

Coerver Session Planner ©2009


The Session Planner is designed to engage and challenge players and bring a new excitement to soccer practice.

You'll discover how...

  • The Pyramid of Moves classifies 43 1v1 moves into Changes of Direction, Stops & Starts and Feints and makes it easy for players to learn. Our expert coaches can clearly communicate and demonstrate the techniques for both visual and audible learners.
  • The Pyramid of Player Development simplifies training by breaking the game down into 6 parts so players can focus on dozens of skills, drills and games with variations for all ages and abilities for each part.
  • The Session Planner saves planning time, keeps the Coach up to date on the latest developments, giving players dozens of skills, drills and games to improve daily, weekly, monthly and all season long.
  • The Session Planner Template is designed to consistently engage and challenge your players and brings a new excitement to practice.
  • The Coerver Skills Bridge’s graduated pressure training helps players to take their practice field skills into full pressure games.

The Coerver Skills Bridge ©2009


The Coerver Code ©2010

  • The Coerver Code 5 S qualities: Skill, Speed, Strength, Spirit and Sense (Smarts) in every session for every age group. This guide allows us to continue developing skilled, confident and creative players, who can ultimately contribute to team play.

Player Pathways:

Individual Skills and Smarts to become an Effective Team Player!


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