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Scott Hutchinson
Ohio Director
Coerver Coaching

"Coerver's approach to teaching soccer is developmental in nature, with the foundational
belief that young players have potential to achieve success through fun learning and skill acquisition games that empower them with the confidence to make their own decisions on the field. 

The Methodology of Coerver Coaching was designed first and foremost to simplify the complex game of soccer for young players, where they are empowered to be sole decision makers on the field.

The methodology promotes self-learning with coaching guidance and also encourages a love for the skillful, beautiful components of the game, often exhibited by the global game's most accomplished players. 

I often wish I would have experienced more Coerver coaching as a young player. I am convinced it would have provided me with a stronger framework towards soccer success as a youngster.

It is a day-to-day privilege to give young players the Coerver experience in our region.

As I continue to learn as a coach, I feel more and more convinced that Coerver Methodology is one of the most powerful ways to work with amateur players of all ages."

Eddie Hertsenberg
Assistant Coach
Ohio Dominican University

Coerver’s tried and true approach inherently supports the modern game demands of technical skill and ability.

The dynamic methodology converges modern training with the basics of the game to develop players that can adhere to and proactively adapt to the trends of the game.

It is heavily focused on the individual and players of all ages can benefit from the training which challenges players in a way that is tough and demanding, ultimately producing game-changers and making players stronger and more confident in their ability.

It’s for the ambitious player who is willing to put the work in and wants to achieve personal excellence to become a standout for their current and future teams.

Eddie Zavala
Staff Coach
Coerver Coaching

"Coerver Coaching to me is the definition of developing players in all aspects of the game.

Not only do we develop individual skill but also the knowledge to reach the game.

We provide quality training to help players excel in their soccer career.

Improvement of the players and helping shape quality kids on and off the field is one of the biggest rewards as a coach.

As part of the curriculum, I believe ball mastery and small sided games are the foundation.

This helps players become comfortable on the ball, dribbling the opponent and working in tight spaces.

Ultimately, we want to provide players with the tools to have a high IQ of the game and apply it on game day."

Hans Pascoal 
Director of Coaching - Boys
Lakota FC
Dayton Dutch Lions Head Coach

"At Lakota FC we've employed the services of Coerver Coaching at our youngest age groups because of their ability to educate and inspire these important age groups.

The Coerver method focuses on players' abilities to solve problems anywhere on the field which is a critical foundational element for a successful soccer career.

The Coerver method also fits well with the Lakota FC philosophy of providing intensive training while focusing on ball control, intensity in offense and defense, and problem solving ability.

We believe the young age groups, in general, get overlooked and don't get the best training but this is the foundation stage where training is setting them up for the future.

This is why we partner with Coerver and it's paying dividends for our players!"

Paul Carbonaro
Director of Coaching
Oakwood United Soccer Club
Fairmont HS - Girls Varsity Coach

"I believe Coerver skills training is indispensable to the development of young soccer players, and I am very glad that Sam and his team work with all the kids at Oakwood United."

Ryan Gray
MLS Next Head Coach
Kings Hammer Academy

Coerver Coaching, to me, embodies and teaches everything you need to become a complete player. Skill, Smarts, Strength, Speed, and Spirit. 

The concept of a program that focuses so highly on the technical aspect of the game is extremely needed and overlooked in this country. And I love that the Coerver environment provides this for its players. 

The skills that are developed with ball mastery, passing and receiving, and small sided pressure games, are crucial for a player to be more successful on the field and most importantly be more CONFIDENT on the ball. 

To be honest, this is what I admire so much about Coerver Coaching. You truly get to see a player progress quickly overtime and develop confidence to take back to their club environment. For me, this progression is the most rewarding thing about being a coach. You’re influencing and making players better both off and on the pitch. 

Coerver Coaching helped me transition from being a player to becoming a coach, and has taught me a lot along the way. The training methodology and curriculum truthfully work, and I’m grateful to have it in my coaching tool belt. 

Chris Slusher
Head Coach
Badin HS - Girls Varsity

"As a parent and coach, I have seen first hand results in not only developing skillful players but the confidence that comes with it.

Players become more calm under pressure.

Coerver Coaching cultivates the complete player through repetition and the coaches encourage player to get out of their comfort zone.

Player play soccer more freely and are not afraid to take risks needed to beat an opponent in 1v1 situations."

Chris Eifert
Club Director
Dayton Kroc Soccer Club

"We engage Coerver Coaching to help our athletes achieve the next level of technical skills and soccer IQ - and they always deliver.

Their trainers bring a perfect balance of learning and creative self-expression, leaving our athletes with a stronger soccer foundation to build upon.

Coerver trainers always arrive early and have a full game plan ready for players of all talent levels within our club.

They are true professionals who get what it takes to teach skills while also increasing the player's love for the game.

Giving our athletes a second voice and fresh point of view is core to our club philosophy, and Coerver Coaching is our choice for providing this to our families."

Carrie Chambers
Staff Coach
Coerver Coaching

"Coerver Coaching is undoubtedly one of the best tools that players and coaches can access to simultaneously simplify and enhance their understanding of the game of soccer.

As a part of the Coerver Ohio staff for nearly eight years, I have developed such an appreciation for the methodology of this program as it pertains to the empowerment of players on an individual level.

The focus on proper technique and muscle memory through ball mastery provides players an opportunity to gain confidence in every interaction they have with a soccer ball.

More importantly, these skills are then applied in a fun, but competitive arena with Coerver's small-sided, fast-paced games.  

This type of learning environment, which emphasizes the success of players' proper technique above the pressure of winning or losing a game, league, tournament, etc., is what I believe makes the Coerver method a freeing experience for players looking to take their game to the next level.

On a personal level, I didn't experience the Coerver method until I was literally on the last legs of my competitive career, and it truly opened up for me a brand new love and understanding of the game.

Very quickly, I discovered a purity of the sport that perhaps I'd otherwise missed out on my whole soccer life!

Consequently, the Coerver method is used by coaches in all levels of soccer, not to mention many of the world's highest level of players. It has been, and continues to be, a program which aims to protect and promote the true nature of the beautiful game.

Sam Fiore
Coerver Coaching

Coerver Coaching is transformation coaching.

I believe in the power of this teaching method because I have lived it as a player and a coach.

As a player, coerver training is fun!
I wasn't exposed to effective use of skills and moves.

How, When and Why, to use certain skills, can be taught.

The 1v1 and group play games are wonderful teaching tools.

Specific games are designed to show players how to operate in situational play so they can quickly correct their decision making.

And the pressure of getting a result in 1v1's and 2v2's is some of the most fun a player can have as they learn what works and what needs a tweak.

It's intimidating at first.

My 1v1 ability was weak as a player. I was a "pass first" type of player.

Then I was exposed to the coerver method in college.

It forced me to reevaluate my game and develop a deeper confidence in my skill sets.

Later as a coach, I learned about the "proper nutrition" players need so they can cope with pressure and adversity to become good decision makers.

Players who struggle with confidence issues typically lack good control of the ball because they haven't put in the time or haven't focused on the right techniques.

There is no magic bullet. Players must put in the work!

I want players to enjoy the ups, the downs and the beauty of soccer. This fuels my fire, to support players and coaches in their developmental journey.

Our sports is amazing and I want to share this feeling with everyone so players can dream, believe and achieve their goals!


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